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Services and Programs offered by The Brenco Corporation

steam line treatments
  • Water Sentry Program
    • Our full-service program includes all necessary water treatment products delivered during our normal service calls.  This program eliminates any handling or moving of chemicals by your personnel.
    • Testing, analysis and adjustments are done by our highly trained and professional service representatives.
    • This program is quoted as a flat annual fee billed monthly or quarterly, allowing our customers to budget costs for the protection of their equipment.
  • Purchasing by the Pail or Drum
    • All of Brenco’s water treatment blends are also available for purchase in 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon containers to accompany any size system.
    • Delivery is typically 24 to 48 hours from time ordered, with minimal shipping cost.
    • Shipped directly from our St. Louis based blending plant.
    • All empty drums and jugs will be picked up each service call, keeping your mechanical room clutter free .
    • Includes regular analysis and adjustment service calls by our highly trained and professional service representatives.
  • Lab Analysis
    • Our St. Louis based laboratory equipped and ready to solve any of your water related problems.
    • The lab can also provide corrosion coupon analysis and deposit analysis.
    • We stock many different test kits, reagents and dip slides available for purchase.
  • Loaner Service
    • We stock most styles of pumps, controllers and replacement parts both in our warehouse and on our service trucks. If we cannot fix your pump or control on site, a loaner will be installed to keep your system and equipment running properly and well protected until your equipment is repaired.
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